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      Client Reviews

Mr. Santiago is a saving grace in a very stressful situation. His expertise, hard work and compassionate support will help guide you through an overwhelming court system. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire Mr. Santiago if I needed to or refer him to friends and family that needed a criminal attorney that goes above and beyond his call of duty. He knows the judges, the prosecutors and most importantly the law. He is a very genuine man, it’s obvious he takes pride in his work. To top it off he is bilingual and to many I know that has helped extremely. Without a doubt, by the completion of your case, you will feel the same way.

- Tania A. (5 star review)


I highly recommend Mr. Santiago to handle any of your criminal defense needs. Mr. Santiago is professional, compassionate, and dedicated to his clients. He always returned my phone calls and kept me up to date on everything that was going on with the case. The results Mr. Santiago was able to obtain in the case far exceeded my expectations and he thoroughly explained all of the details before he proceeded with any step during the process. Mr. Santiago is fluent in Spanish and was able to explain everything to us in both languages which was particularly helpful. I highly recommend Mr. Santiago for any type of criminal defense case. Having him in our corner was truly a blessing.

- William B. (5 star review)

Mr. Santiago was the best. He always keep me informed of everything that was going on, and worked hard to get me what was best in my situation. I was facing many months in jail, and because of his expertise, I walk with probation and he stood by me every step of the way. Whenever I contacted him, even with the most smallest of questions, he was there. I would recommend him to anyone facing serious issues. Don’t chance you life to anyone else. Mr. Santiago will help you through.

- Melissa H. (5 star review)

I was referred to Steve Santiago by my sons old Probation Officer, and let me tell you he is an Angel from above. His fee is fair, his service is exceptional, and I was proud to have him by my side in court. He never ignored my calls, always kept me informed, was honest, made sure I knew the best/worst case scenario for how the case may end up, was compasionate and worked extremely hard on my sons case. I’m so thankful for having had Steve to represent my son and enlighten me on just how the Judicial System works. I was prepared for the worst on sentencing day and ended up with better than the best outcome. So like I said, if you are a parent who loves your child and wants the BEST, HARDEST WORKING attorney to represent you/your child this is definitely the attorney you want to hire. Thank you and God bless.

- Anita A. (5 star review)

Steve Santiago is very friendly, caring and down to earth. He was well prepared for the hearing and was focused. I have dealt with attorneys in the past that couldn’t remember my name let alone my case!! If you are looking for an amazing criminal defense attorney, I would highly recommend Steve. All the best, Steve. Thanks a million for your help!!

- Liz R. (5 star review)

Looking for a new generation of a proactive attorney who always be in touch? Steve Santiago is the one you must need for your matter. He is always keep you in touch with any information that you would want to know about your case. And he would never let you live in the dark even a second. My case was dismissed and I owe it all to Santiago and his ability. I would recommend him to anyone I know who needs legal help. He was extremely attentive and by far one of the best. His staff is also very polite and helpful. I could not ask for more. 5 stars out of 5.

- Aaron C. (5 star review)

Steve went out and beyond to do what he could to get my case dismissed and actually did! I was very pleased at the outcome of my case. He was also very lenient on being able to work with me on a payment plan that was reasonable and accommodated my expenses. He also returned calls promptly and never had me waiting. I would definitely recommend Steve Santiago to anyone who is in search of a great, reliable, and knowledgeable attorney.

- Jose G. (5 star review)

Steve and his staff are absolutely exceptional! He was able to get my case dismissed, and worked around with me to make reasonable payment plans. His work and his knowledge is beyond expectations. He answers your calls, and returns any emails/calls promptly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

- Gabriel R. (5 star review)

Steve Santiago is one of the most trustworthy and respectable attorney I have come across. His ability to provide any client with the stability and security that their issues are his main priority demonstrates his attentiveness along with his work ethic. Steve Santiago is one attorney that won't ever let you down! He will work twice as hard just to provide the best service he can I order to win your case. If you are ever in need of an attorney I highly recommend Steve Santiago.

- J. C. (5 star review)

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